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How To Apply An Epoxy Floor Coating To Your Garage Floor


Although you might be ready to make a change to your garage floor, employing an expert Epoxy Floor Pros Phoenix to do the work could not remain in your budget. Using an epoxy flooring covering is just one of the most effective means to improve the aesthetics of the room while also adding resistance to tire tracks, oil, and gas that could stain or harm concrete. Once applied, the finish will certainly last a long period of time and offer your floor a new shine that enhances the looks and also the performance of the entire garage.

If you have actually decided to use an epoxy flooring layer to your garage floor as a DIY task, you will certainly need to comply with some rather basic instructions.

– Choosing the epoxy layer for your flooring is the first and essential action. There are epoxy layers that are water-based, solvent-based or 100% solids. Stay clear of those with the water-based as these are a slim and frequently made use of just as the primer. New VOC laws have actually brought about a lot of solvent-based coatings ending up being non-compliant.

The 100% solid epoxy layer is the most effective choice for developing a long lasting covering in a high-traffic area as well as it is often the product of option for experts who want the maximum benefits from their floor coating. You might likewise want to select a coating with non-skid ingredients to give pedestrians more grip. Acquisition the necessary application tools at the same time to ensure you obtain the best ones for the coating.

– The flooring will certainly have to be prepared prior to the application of the finish. While this action is the most time-consuming component of the procedure, it is vital for having a successful application. Concrete that is smooth will have to be acid cleaned or fired blown up to add appearance to the surface area. Although applying an acid clean is easier, the shot blasting process offers the very best results. During the prep work of the floor, you will certainly also have to change any kind of missing concrete and fill holes.

– Use the brush or roller you acquired with the epoxy to apply the finishing to the concrete. Review the instructions beforehand to discover the curing time and also the variety of layers that you must use. The majority of applications call for a minimum of two layers. Don’t hurry the procedure and apply the second coat as well rapidly.

– Some individuals prefer to add a coat of urethane to offer additional strength to their flooring covering. Nevertheless, many really feel that the extra layers of epoxy floor finish are all that is needed to develop the solid, resilient flooring they want in their garage.

If your flooring has actually currently had extreme damage to occur to the concrete, it is suggested to hire a specialist to look after the prep phase. Once the fixings have actually been made, you could still apply the epoxy flooring finish on your own. Never use the finishing to a flooring that has actually not been repaired or your time and money financial investment will likely result in floor failure. Following these steps and also the instructions on the item you pick will lead to the attractive and clean epoxy flooring to garage area that will last for years.


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